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Reviews and Reputation Management

Are you fed up with unexpected negative reviews on social platforms? More often than not, the customer is venting online because they're not sure where else to go or who to talk to. At the end of the day, they just want to feel like they're being heard.  

Imagine reaching these customers before a situation ends up in an unfair and permanent online post? 

What's more, with our software you can encourage more reviews, process all of them and only publish the positive ones to the sites most important to you! Over time you'll get closer and closer to global five star rating on all platforms, and broadcast these positive reviews as posts on your socials.

Our Reputation Marketing and Brand Trust Building is fully compliant with the FTC (USA), ACCC (Aus) and the 58 members of ICPEN.

Other services

Messenger Marketing

Messenger is changing the way consumers interact with businesses. More engaging than email, more efficient than interacting with individual apps, Messenger is on track to become the biggest marketing channel. Imagine being one of the first businesses to have a website in 1998? That's where we're at with Messenger chatbots. 

Social Media Advertising

 Facebook® and Instagram® can be powerful revenue generating machines.

Use them to track exactly how much return you’re getting on your advertising spend.

Combine these platforms with Google® Adwords campaigns and your customers will see you “everywhere.”

Loyalty Programs

Your customers will see you as family.  Previously only within the reach of global brands, you can now harness the power of Apple Wallet loyalty programs that are easy to use for your customers and also for you and your team. 

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