​​​​About Forward Media

Hi, I'm Nick Miller. I connect brands with people.

Digital Marketing has come a long way in the last few years, but the way people find, consider and buy stuff will always be the same. Unpredictable and based more on emotion than logic. 

Since the first cave painting of a sabre tooth tiger (ok, well maybe since the first marketing budget was spent) one question has been asked: "is this stuff working?"

Data is important, and with today's tools we can track an overwhelming amount of metrics. But what's most important is what the data can tell us about the humans who are choosing to share it with us. 

Good marketing ensures you're relevant and increases your market share. But increased sales alone won't build your brand - how do you capture "mind share" and position yourself as the obvious and automatic choice in your customers' minds?

By combining timeless principles of brand management with cutting edge tactics, you can win your short game (sales activation and ROI) and your long game (building your brand).

The end result? You move forward.

I'm based in Sydney, Australia and work with clients worldwide.