Finally, a measurable restaurant marketing strategy.

Opens in Facebook Messenger

  • Reach 1000's of new customers with laser targeted, trackable Facebook and Instagram outreach and in store promotions.  
  • Get 80-90% open rates using Facebook Messenger - the most used messaging platform.
  • Track results in real sales. 

Build YOUR database for "now" $ and future $.

Building YOUR audience means you can rely less and less on having to spend money on advertising. What if you had your own TV station, radio station or social platform with 1000's of subscribers? Now, imagine being able to communicate with this audience and see 80-90% open rates! 

Automatically build your database every day, 365 days a year. 

Know who your customers are, how much they spend and what works to keep them coming back again and again. What's more, you don't need to pay to advertise to them once they are in your own database. 

Automate conversations to drive sales.

Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming the most used communication channel worldwide with an average of 80-90% open rates. Use the ROI Boomerang to automate conversations every day with your new and existing customers. What's more, you can deliver single use vouchers and track every sale when the vouchers are redeemed! 

Track every sale and measure every aspect of your new program in your own custom dashboard.

Track reach, new customers, return visits, annual impact and most importantly your return on investment.

Restaurant and Cafe Starter Special


*One time $250 set up fee. Additional $16/mo for your Manychat Chatbot account

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot for 1 location
  • Auto delivery of VIP Offer and trackable redemption system.
  • Email Collection.
  • Staff Training
  • Complete Onboarding Videos
  • In Store Graphics, and Scan Code (great for Wifi Code access!)
  • ROI Boomerang Dashboard
  • No lock in contract. 

Your Program Includes

Facebook® Messenger Chatbot

  • Chatbot setup for your restaurant with automated responses for menus, location and opening hours.
  • Fully automated delivery for 1 offer of your choice with trackable redemption system.
  • Every digital voucher is redeemable only once and is impossible to duplicate.
  • Viral messages make it easy for customers to share invites with their family and friends.

Email Automation

Cover all bases by collecting your customers email addresses. Continue the conversation with them across multiple channels and touchpoints. What's more, you can use your existing CRM!

Staff Training and Onboarding Videos

The only thing you'll need to add to your to-do's is to watch the very brief and very easy to follow videos that walk through what to do when customers show their phones. 

Training your staff is just as easy and once everyone's prepared, all you'll have to do is check your custom dashboard at any time to see the program working and delivering your ROI. 

In Store Scan Codes

Now that iPhones and Android phones have inbuilt QR code readers, customers can easily access the program while they're in your restaurant! 

This is an example of a table tent you can use to capture existing customers and bring them back sooner!

These in store scan codes can be set up to deliver vouchers 24 hours after they're scanned!

Start Seeing Results from Your Advertising. 

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